Multiple Ways to Style Using a Hair Dryer


Multiple Ways to Style Using a Hair Dryer

A hairdryer is the ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to hair styling. You can curl, wave, and straighten all using this single hair styling accessory if you know it well. Not only it is capable of doing all these myriad jobs, it’s actually superior to other tools for it uses less heat in comparison to a flat iron or a crimper which directly uses heat and damages your hair. Paired with a protectant and setting spray and hair dryer alone can keep you top in the fashion charts while ensuring the least damage to your precious locks.

Let’s see how you can achieve all those pretty and bold looks using a hair dryer:

Don elegant straight hair

Sleek straight is the most versatile of hairstyles. It is suitable for any occasion. Whether you want a chic wedding look, want to look professional, readying for a glam event, straight hair’s got you covered. You can never go wrong with this unless you are an extra girl, which too is perfect.

How to straighten:

Now, let’s learn how to straighten hair with a hair dryer. Start with pretty damp hair, don’t start on wet hair though, otherwise, it’ll be greatly inconvenient for you to deal with the frizz afterward. Divide your hair into manageable sections and use section clips to keep different sections apart. Now, grab a paddle brush and brush tiny sections of hair straight in an outward direction while simultaneously blowing out the heat from the dryer. It would be better to use the concentrator nozzle if your dryer comes with one. The concentrator nozzle allows for focused airflow and thus prolongs the life of finished results. Mr. Barber’s Air Force 2800 would be perfect for such a job as it features 2 different nozzle adaptability. After you are done going over all sections of your hair with a brush and dryer, don’t forget to use a hair spray for setting the hair in place and keep dazzling with long-lasting straight hair.

Stay trendy with crimped hair

Crimped hair is all the rage. You see it everywhere, in magazines, on TV shows, in weddings. People are embracing this trend in varied styles. Micro crimps, macro crimps, and nano crimps are many ways to do it. You can throw them down, pull them up in a pony, arrange them into a braid or make a tiny, cute bun out of them, they will always make you stand out and appear fashion-forward in a crowd of ordinary hairstyles.


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How to crimp:

Have I taken you by surprise by saying that you can achieve crimped hair with just a hair dryer? Ah, well, not nano or micro crimped hair, those really fine ones, but you can for sure achieve macro crimps with an efficient hair dryer like Mr. Barber Infinity Pro. So, let’s start with the guide. Make tight Dutch braids (as many as you can) all over your hair right out of the shower. Blow the hair dry until it feels dry, then wrap a towel around your head and go to bed. Keeping the braids overnight results in long-lasting crimps. Open your braids in the morning and finish gorgeously crimped hair with a hair-setting spray.


Got the whole thing? No worries, repeating it here for you. For straightening, use a paddle brush with a blow dryer and go over the lengths of your hair with the bristles of the brush facing outwards in straight strokes. For crimped hair, braid your hair in numerous thin and tight braids and blow dry the braids. Keep the braids wrapped in a microfiber towel for the night while you sleep. Unravel your hair in the morning and spray it with a setting spray to keep crimps intact.

Also, read to find out how to curl and wave using a hair dryer.

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